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About us

Our engagement for the nature

Our history and mission

SER SRL was born in 1989 from a group of people with 30 years of experience in the Refrigeration and Conditioning segments.
Few years later, SER SRL became one of the first Italian manufacturers of static evaporators and unit coolers. Actually we are more than 40 people.
We are present with our range of more than 3.000 products on markets of 25 Nations all over the World.
The capacity to develop, together with the customers , the solutions for the several requests of the market, the care towards the consumers necessities, and the research of technologic progress, made of SER SRL a reliable partner for all the refrigeration operators.

SER SRL is always careful to the environment.
We offer products completely non-toxic, suitable with the use of the new refrigerant fluids, and designed to enter in agreement with the working environment.
SER SRL developed in these last years an environmental policy based on the complete control of its operating routing.
The selection of very high quality raw materials from selected suppliers, the systematic controls on the working process in agreement
with the European Regulations.
The care used for the correct waste disposal , are the guarantee of a Company that is always careful to the quality of its products and of the protection of the environment.